Our Team


Richard Pickin - Pilot

Richard has been flying for 50 years and has a passion for aerobatics. He was a member of the British unlimited Aerobatic Team for over 25 years and has competed all over Europe. At the end of 2018 he estimates that he has flown over 1500 wing walk flights.

Richard’s first flying lesson was in a glider at age 14 and he quickly moved on to powered aircraft, soloing on his seventeenth birthday, the youngest possible age at that time and qualifying as a flying instructor at twenty three years of age. Soon he was teaching aerobatics in old biplanes and flew his first airshow at age twenty five. He came 2nd in his first aerobatic competition although now admits their were only 3 pilots entered !

Richard holds a Commercial Pilots Licence, Flight Instructor Rating, Display Pilot Authorisation and is a Display Pilot Examiner regularly revalidating other airshow pilots during the summer.

 Michael Pickin - Pilot

Michael started flying at a very young age being inspired by his father. Winning his first aerobatic competition at just fourteen years old, he went on to become the youngest person ever to be awarded a CAA Display Authorisation for display flying.

At the age of twenty three he became the youngest ever British Advanced National Aerobatic Champion and today is the youngest Unlimited Level aerobatic pilot in Europe, aged twenty eight. Michael is still a very active display pilot and has performed all over the world as a solo display pilot and as part of a formation aerobatic team.

Michael is equally passionate about vintage aircraft and flying warbirds, ever since completing his Private Pilots Licence in a Bucker Jungmann. Michael has flown over fifty different aircraft types ranging from gliders to airliners and is an active Commercial Pilot on the Boeing 757/767. 


Dave Evans - Pilot

An all-round aviation nut probably since he was born, Dave started flying in the passenger seat of an Auster aged 14 and soon joined the Air Training Corps (ATC), where he learnt to fly gliders at RAF Manston in 1982. Leaving school, he funded his own Private Pilot’s Licence by working in a pub.

After gaining 100 hrs experience Dave joined the famous Tiger Club at Redhill in 1985, and learn't the art of tailwheel flying, aerobatics and formation flying.  Then In 1994, he joined the Turbulent Formation Display Team. Dave was also one of only a handful of pilots in the UK approved to fly wingwalking displays with a girl on the wing of a Tiger Moth.

1999 saw him join a different sort of airline; The Utterly Butterly Stearman Wing Walk Team, together with the truck top landing display act in the Mitsubishi Decathlon flying displays around Europe during the summer months.

In 2001, Dave joined the Hardwick Warbirds team in Norfolk, initially on the T6 Harvard and Boeing Stearman before the dream opportunity came to fly the P-51 Mustang in 2008. Four years of fun flying in the P-51 Mustang followed, both as a solo and pairs display act.

Dave is now a freelance Commercial Pilot with over 4500hrs on 98 different types of aircraft ranging from ultralights to fast jets, is a flying instructor, part time parachute pilot and examiner. 50 years later he is STILL an all-round aviation nut! Throughout the summer months, Dave flies experience flights in a Spitfire T9 and P-51D Mustang as well as being a Pilot with The Wing Walk Company commuting between airfields in his own 2 seat Jodel 1050.

Tim-at-work-opt (1).jpg

Tim Barnby - Pilot

Tim, who followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, pursued a childhood love of flying which started at the age of 14 in a Tiger Moth at Redhill aerodrome in Surrey. By age 17 he had completed his Private Pilots Licence and was flying open top bi-planes. The next three years were spent flying whatever he could which included many hours towing gliders in order to gain enough experience to complete his Commercial Pilot’s License.

By the age of 20 Tim had his first commercial job and hasn’t looked back. 40 years and 30,000 flying hours later, his log books include an impressive list of different aircraft flown. The largest of these include the Boeing 707, Boeing 747, Boeing  787 Dreamliners and Airbus A-340.

During all that time, Tim has always been a keen “sport pilot” who has flown dozens of different aircraft types. He has flown aerobatics since 1982 and was a member of the British Aerobatic Team from 1987 – 1994 and in 1997 he was the British Unlimited Aerobatic Champion flying a Sukhoi 26.

Tim owns several vintage aircraft and still fly’s aerobatics in his Pitts Special and an Extra 300, he is currently working as a Captain for a major UK carrier on their Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet.

Callum Collins.jpg

Callum Collins - Ground Crew

Callum entered into aviation joining the Headcorn Parachute Centre making his first jump at 16 years of age, then very soon after obtained his Private Pilots Licence learning on the Cessna 152 in 2011.

He worked within Airline Operations at TUI Airways and also the Aircraft Registrations Department at the Civil Aviation Authority before training as a Commercial Pilot in 2016. This involved 18 months of training and fourteen written exams.

Now based at Luton Airport, Callum is employed as a first officer flying the Airbus A320 and A321 for a major UK low cost carrier to destinations in and around Europe.

On his days off, Callum ferries light aircraft to various bases for maintenance and loves getting his hands on anything that flies, especially our Boeing Stearman when we visit different airports during the summer.

Ollie Babbage - Ground Crew

Ollie’s first solo came aged 22 whilst he was studying Aviation Engineering at Brunel University. From here his love for anything aviation led him into work as ground crew for several years allowing him access to fly various types of aircraft around the UK and Europe.

Ollie learnt to fly at Headcorn aerodrome, in Kent and started to build hours whilst studying for his Commercial Pilots Licence and working as Pilots Assistant for The Wing Walk Company where he managed to regularly get his hands on the controls of our Boeing Stearman.  

His day job now is as a First Officer with the largest low cost carrier in the world flying another type of Boeing, the 737-800 based at Stansted and traveling to destinations around Europe and North Africa.

His passion for sport aviation takes him to Headcorn on most days off where he is learning to fly aerobatics in a Russian Yak 52.


Paul Carpenter – Ground Crew

 A professional filmmaker and media producer, Paul has enjoyed a lifelong passion for aviation.  As an aspiring pilot and enthusiastic member of wing walk ground crew since 2017, Paul appreciates every opportunity to fly with us here at The Wing Walk Company.

At the age of 15, Paul volunteered as an Operations Assistant for a small airline based at Southend Airport, a position he maintained for two further years whilst studying for A-levels.  His unique role  provided experience of airline pilot and crew training, flights to european destinations and domestic ferry flights.

Following an initial career in advertising and newspaper publishing, Paul set up his own media production business in 2002.  He has since produced a vast array of creative work including airborne and airside footage for TV programmes, promotional videos, documentaries, design and multimedia for prestigious clientele.  In Paul’s own words, he feels like “a kid at Christmas” when he joins us for long summers of wing walking fun!